Duke Progress Energy Work

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Note that the trimming locations and dates listed below are not controlled by the City of Wilmington, and are therefore subject to change.

Notifications and updates of when and where Duke Energy Progress and their contractor are doing circuit line clearance work in the following areas.  



Locations of upcoming work:

  • Locations: Cedar Ave Sub to College Road, Park Ave from Kerr Ave to Floral Pkwy,Peachtree Ave from Kerr Ave to Floral Ave, Wrightsville Ave from Kerr Ave to Wilshire Blvd, Fordham Rd from Oleander Ave to Edgewood Road, Halifax Road from Fordham to Lincoln Road  Scheduled Start Date:  2/3/2020   Scheduled End Date:  3/20/20
  • Locations: Wilmington East Sub to Kerr Ave to Princess Place Dr. to King Street,  23rd Street from Railroad to Castle Hayne Rd, Castle Hayne Rd from 23rd to Heritage Park Dr.   Scheduled Start Date: 2/13/2020  Scheduled End Date: 3/27/2020

  • Locations:  Winter Park sub to College Rd.,  South on College Rd to Chick-fil-a.  Notable Roads - Mohican Trail and Greenbriar Rd.   Scheduled Start Date:  2-20-20   Scheduled End Date: 4-17-2020

  • Locations: Cedar Ave Sub to MacMillan Ave to Wrightsville Ave,  Wrightsville Ave from MacMillan Ave to Rose Ave,  Rose Ave from Wrightsville Ave to Mallard St to Clear Run Dr., Clear Run Dr   from Mallard St. to Racine Dr.,  Racine from Collage Acres to New Centre  Scheduled Start Date: 2/25/2020  Scheduled End Date: 3/27/2020

  • Location: Masonboro Sub to Greenville Loop Road – crossing over Hewlett’s Creek to Pine Grove Drive toward Masonboro Loop Road, ending at Pelican Point Road. Scheduled Start Date: 3-23-2020 & Scheduled End Date: 4-24-2020

  • Location: Masonboro 230kV Sub to Greenville Loop Road to Pine Grove Drive to Oleander. S. College from Oleander Drive to Pine Valley Drive (Notable Roads: Holly Tree Road, Mockingbird Lane, Long Leaf Hills Drive, Peachtree Avenue, and Pine Street). Scheduled Start Date: 3/23/2020 & Scheduled End Date: 4/30/2020

  • Customers who have questions or concerns about right-of-way or vegetation maintenance can contact a Duke Energy Progress customer service representative by calling 800-452-2777.