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LDC Article 7, Administrative Provisions

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“Foster development that enhances quality of life, minimizes traffic impacts, and creates safe, attractive, inclusive development for all citizens.”

-- Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan

Topics Covered:

  • General and specific procedures, nonconforming uses, vested rights, boards and commissions, violations and enforcement

What is Changing:

  • Generally Applicable ProceduresArt 7 Illustration
    • Summary of Review Authority chart
    • Establish completeness review for all applications
    • Incorporate 160D changes
    • Required neighborhood meeting prior to application submittal
    • Applicants post hearing signs
  • Specific Procedures
    • Flow charts for each specific procedure
    • Group all variances together
    • Subdivisions
      • TRC or DAC
      • Expedited subdivision
      • Performance Guarantees
  • Historic Preservation
    • 90-day stay in demolition removed
    • No expiration of demolition COA
  • Boards and Commissions
    • Historic Preservation Commission Composition
    • Design Adjustment Committee
  • Nonconformities and Vested Rights
    • Nonconformities created by public action eliminated
    • Nonconforming signs
    • changed per 160D
  • Administration, Violations, and Enforcement
    • Each sign is a separate offense

What is NOT Changing:

  • Notification requirements for boards and commissions
  • Most processes (map amendments, text amendments, SUP, COA, Variance, Appeal)
  • Most boards and commissions
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