Collateral Units

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The Special Operations Division consists of Canine, Marine Patrol, School Liaison Officers, Traffic Unit, Housing Task Force and Mobile Field Force Teams  and collateral teams. The collateral teams consist of the Pipes and Drums, Bomb Squad, SWAT, Crisis Negotiation Team, and the Honor Guard.


The Wilmington Police Department's Collateral Units are extra duties officers take on including crisis negotiation team, honor guard, pipes and drums, bomb squad, and SWAT team. 

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) 

The main function of the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is to resolve confrontational incidents in a non-violent manner. These incidents can include suicidal individuals, barricaded suspects, and hostage situations. To accomplish this, the department maintains the use of the CNT and will use negotiations to result in the release of hostages and/or to resolve a confrontation or situation.

WPD Honor Guard 

The Wilmington Police Department's Honor Guard is a professional unit that represents the Wilmington Police Department in events ranging from funerals to parades and other ceremonial functions. It is the "public face" of the WPD, presenting the most professional image. The Unit also serves as the guardian of the colors by displaying and escorting the national, state, and city flags for ceremonial review at various functions. The unit is available to assist any agency with ceremonial occasions as well. 

If you would like to request the presence of our unit please contact the honor guard commander:

Cpl. T. Williams



WPD Pipes & Drums

The Wilmington Police Pipes and Drums provides bagpipe music for a variety of ceremonial occasions. The Band serves the Police Department by performing at officer/employee involved funeral and memorial events, other ceremonial functions, and other events as approved by the Chief of Police.

Past performances include:

  • Police Officer Funerals
  • Other Public Safety Personnel Funerals
  • Military Funerals
  • Police Memorials
  • Military Memorials
  • 9/11 Memorial Ceremonies
  • Retired Police Officer Funerals
  • BLET Graduation Ceremonies
  • Promotional Ceremonies
  • Fire Department Ceremonies/Functions
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parades
  • Azalea Festival Parades
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Parades
  • School Presentations
  • Domestic Violence Rallies
  • City Council Meetings    

Members of the Pipe & Drum Band include regular members of the Police Department, Police Department Retirees, Police Retirees from other jurisdictions, and volunteers from the community. The band currently includes two retirees from NYPD, one retired PA State Trooper, and a former Wrightsville Beach Police Officer.  

Any donations or performance fees earned by the band are placed into a special fund and used for pipe band equipment and supply expenses.

Band Leaders
The Band’s Pipe Major is Tom Tilmon, who is currently a Sergeant with the Wilmington Police Department. The band manager and Pipe Sergeant is Matt Hinson, a retired Lieutenant from the Wilmington Police Department.  Lt. Hinson and Sgt. Tilmon are both original members of the band from its inception, the founding fathers so to speak. The Drum Sergeant is Joe Dolan, who is currently an Officer at the Wilmington Police Department, and also an NYPD Retiree.    

Other Information
Since the inception of the Wilmington Police Pipes and Drums, the Band has offered free bagpipe and drum lessons to those who are interested in joining the band. The band practices and beginner lessons are held each Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at WPD Headquarters.

Bomb Squad

The Wilmington Police Department's Bomb Squad is comprised of highly skilled and trained bomb technicians who go to any calls regarding explosives. They also have the use of robotic systems and other highly advanced equipment to aid them in state of the art bomb and explosive diffusion.