Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion

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When you’re ready to take the LEAD on your addiction, we’re here to help.


LEAD® is founded on the idea that narcotics use is more often a public health problem than a criminal justice problem. Police exercise discretionary authority to redirect individuals to a community-based, harm-reduction intervention for minor narcotics related violations. In lieu of the normal criminal justice system cycle -- booking,detention, prosecution, conviction, incarceration -- individuals, 18 years or older, are instead referred into an intensive case-management program where they receive a wide range of support services, often including transitional and permanent housing and/or drug treatment.

Not all cases are the same. Arrest isn't always the answer. Let us help you. 

What LEAD offers

• Peer support
• Case management services
• Intensive outpatient program (SAIOP) & Transportation incentives
• Outpatient counseling for substance use and mental health
• Clinica Latina
• Psychiatric evaluation & treatment
• Medication Assisted Recovery for opioid addiction
• Primary care to treat medical concerns & offer health coaching
• DWI Assessments & Services
• HIV testing
• Sexual assault & trauma counseling
• Anger management
• Opportunities for Children, Youth & Families, including intensive in-home and Prevention services

Pre-Arrest Diversion

If you are found with small amounts of illegal narcoticsand meet the qualifications, you can enter


• Posessing more than 50 dosage units of opioids.
• Involved in the distribution drugs.
• Involved in the exploitation of minors.
• Involved in promoting prostitution or sex work.
• History of violent crime in the last 10 years.
• Being on parole/probation.
• Charged with assault on a female, assault on an officer or assault with a deadly weapon in the last five years.


Who can enter LEAD?

Social Referral: Individuals who are seeking treatment for narcotics addiction.

Criminal Referral: Individuals who have committed a minor criminal offense and have been identified as an abuser of controlled substances.*
*See disqualifiers



Our Partners

• The City of Wilmington Police Department
• Fifth Prosecutorial District, New Hanover & Pender Counties
• The North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition
• Coastal Horizons Behavioral Healthcare
• Coastal Horizons-Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities
• Wilmington Treatment Center
• RHA Health Services