Planning and Research Division

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Planning & Research Division Commander

Captain A. Sotelo
615 Bess Street
Wilmington, NC  28401



CALEA ® (The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) was created in 1979 as a credentialing authority through the joint efforts of law enforcement’s major executive associations.

Administrative Support Specialist

Administrative Support Specialist gives assistant to the Commander. Provides support to all other members within the division. Focuses mainly on all department forms, identifies needed forms, creates and place all created forms on R drive for end-users to access and use. Weekly patrols the R drive to make sure that there are no forms there that have not been approved.

CALEA Manager

The CALEA Manager (CM) is responsible for the compliance and maintenance of the accreditation files for each year of the three year accreditation cycle. Additionally, the CM advises on policies and procedures as they relate to the accreditation standards. The CM helps research the best practices for the agency as related to accreditation by being a member of NCLEAN (North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Network) and networking with other accredited agencies. At the end of the three year cycle, the CM leads the agencies re-accreditation efforts by finalizing files for review by the CALEA assessors who come to the agency for a four day time period to verify the agencies compliance with the accreditation standards. After the assessment the CM along with the Chief represent the agency at the CALEA Conference to answer questions about the agency and to receive the CALEA award for the cycle.

Policy/Safety Manager

The Policy/Safety Manager will be the custodian of all policies, directives, special orders, and standard operating procedures relating the Wilmington Police Department. The policy manager will routinely review policies, directives, special orders and SOP’s to see if they still meet legal and procedural standards. The manager will make the necessary modifications and will track the policy through the approval process and revise the policy manual. The policy manager also works very closely with the accreditation manager to make sure all policies are within CALEA standards. The policy manager also serves as the department safety manager. The safety manager is charged with receiving, documenting, and tracking all injury, accident, and property loss reports. The safety manager will also attend all safety committee meetings and present the injury, accident, safety report and present it to the Chief of Police.

Grant Manager

The Grant Manager position researches, plans, and writes grant application in an attempt to meet the needs of the department.  Subsequent to funding, Grant Manager work with the funding agency to ensure all reporting requirements are meet and the grant succeeds. Grant funded large vehicles; SWAT Bearcat & Marine Unit Boat

Police Planner

The Police Planner provide routine administrative, strategic and crime analysis to the Chief of Police and other Command Staff Members for proper review and dissemination to their perspective subordinates as needed. Additionally, the Police Planner assists with plan development/coordination and other analytical functions as requested.