Unsolved Murders

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Unsolved Murders

Samuel Oxendine
September 30, 1991- Samuel was found lying in the front yard with a gunshot wound to the chest. Witness stated he had been in a fight with another occupant of the house. A witness stated she ran outside of the home to get help when a group of black males showed up and ran inside the home. She reported hearing gunshots and then saw the group of black males carry the victim out of the house to the front yard.

James Boyd
October 24 1992- James allegedly arrived at his girlfriend's home bleeding from a stab wound. He was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injury. James worked for Port City Taxi and had left work at 6:30 p.m. the previous night. He was known to hang out around Fishers Grocery.

William Carroll
December 3 1993- Three armed suspects forced their way into William’s home stating “this is a stick up.” William was shot during the attempted robbery. The suspects then ran out of the residence wearing wool stocking caps and bandanas around their faces. Witness stated one of the suspects had on a brown cotton jacket. William died at the scene.

Derrick Washington
January 11, 1998- An officer was dispatched to Colwell Avenue in reference to a man lying in the street. Upon arrival, the officer noted Derrick lying on the north side of the roadway in front of 1806 Colwell Avenue. Derrick had been shot in the head.

Cecil McKoy
January 28, 1998- When officers arrived on scene they found Cecil lying on the railroad tracks with four black males standing over him. Cecil died from an apparent gunshot wound.

William Reco King
March 1, 1999- An officer responded to the 2600 block of Smith Creek Parkway to investigate a death of an unknown origin.

Preston Lee Shannon
September 23, 1999- Witness stated he saw Preston being chased in the front yard by a black male in a light colored shirt. From his window he saw the man shoot at Preston. Preston was found dead in the side yard.

Denkita "Dee Dee" Mott
October 31, 1999- 16 year old Denkita was shot in the head Halloween night following a party. Witness stated they heard gunshots while walking with friends in the Creekwood community. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Priscilla Rogers
December 30, 1999- Human remains were found at the location. The remains were later identified as that of Priscilla Rogers.

Jerome Mitchell
October 31, 2000- Jerome was found lying on the sidewalk after gunshots were heard.

William R. Smith III
January 1, 2001- An officer was dispatched to the location of a possible gunshots. Officers found William shot and was pronounced deceased.

Geremew Zeleke
January 5, 2001- Geremew was shot to death during an armed robbery at the Mini Mart where he worked. Witness stated they saw a red-colored vehicle (described also as rust and orange-colored).

Stephen Sidberry
June 25, 2001- An officer was dispatched to a location in reference to someone having been shot. The suspect fled the scene on foot. Witness stated that Stephen was shot by a black male, dressed in all black, wearing a black hood that covered his entire face.

Vernard Chandler
August 29, 2001- Vernard was shot in the head while walking with his girlfriend near her residence. A neighbor stated she heard some people arguing behind their house five minutes before shots were heard. A witness described a suspect as a black male, medium afro, wearing all black, leaving the scene on foot heading west on Chestnut St.

Terry Antwain Green
June 24, 2004- Terry was shot to death while sitting in a parked car on Glenn St. Unknown suspect fired an unknown type of firearm into Terry's house. Terry was hit by bullets and died from his injuries.

Ronald Gardner and Tyrone Snead
June 24, 2004- An officer responded to the parking lot of Sears, 3500 Oleander Drive, in reference to individuals who appeared to be deceased. Upon arrival, the Officer spoke with mall security who then directed the Officer to a white Chevy vehicle. There were two victims in the vehicle, one of which was Ronald Gardner.

Ronald Conyers
March 31, 2007- Emergency Medical Personnel responded to the area behind 312 S. 16th Street for an unconscious man down on the ground in the alley. Upon arrival, Medical Personnel determined that the Ronald had been shot by what appeared to be a small caliber hand gun in the back of the neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Angela Rothen
April 26, 2008- Angela’s skeletal remains were discovered when a man was cutting bushes behind a Mexican Restaurant. She was reported missing by her family in 2007.

Allison Foy
April 26, 2008- Allison’s skeletal remains were discovered when a man was cutting bushes behind a Mexican Restaurant. Allison was last seen exiting The Junction Pub in the early morning hours with a man claiming to be a taxi driver.

Emmitt Cinque
Irving July 26, 2008- Emmitt was exiting his vehicle when he was shot. Suspects were described as 2 black males dressed in all black. Emmitt was transported by EMS to NHRMC where he later died from his injuries.

Montez Jones
December 25, 2008- Montez was shot by a suspect who fled the scene by foot. When the Officer arrived, Montez was conscious and breathing but not responsive. He was transported to NHRMC where he died from his injuries. A witness said that Montez was seen talking with a black male wearing a black hoodie before the shooting.

Tony Leon Harris Jr.
June 30, 2011- An Officer was dispatched to 916 N. 5th Avenue in reference to a male shot. Tony was found lying on the porch and was unresponsive. He was transported to NHRMC by EMS. Tony was last seen alive by his mother between 5:30pm and 6:00 pm that evening.

Carol Ann Johnson
July 4, 2011-Carol was found deceased on her kitchen floor by her fiancé upon his return home from work. The door was unlocked and the exterior lights were left on.

Raman Liadi
March 21, 2013- Incident took place at Houston Moore housing complex. An officer responded to shots fired at 12:15 am and found Raman dying from an apparent gunshot wound. Two subjects in black hooded sweatshirts were seen running from the area.

Clifton Sykes Jr.
December 3, 2012- An officer was dispatched to the location where the Clifton had apparently been injured by a gunshot wound.

Joseph Williams
September 21, 2013- Joseph was being chased by an unknown suspect in a vehicle while riding a motor scooter. Joseph was shot and crashed as a result of the shooting. He was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.