Public Buildings

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The Building Management Division of the Public Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of City-owned facilities. Our mission is to provide quality facilities to ensure a safe environment for citizens and City staff to conduct business.

Building Activities

The division uses a combination of City staff and maintenance contracts to provide building services needed by the community. The services help to ensure buildings that are both safe and pleasurable when used by the public.

Many of the buildings and landmarks maintained by the Division are historical and are preserved so that they may be enjoyed by the public. These include:

  • Thalian Hall
    Thalian Hall is a performing arts center located at the corner of 3rd and Chestnut Streets. When the theater opened on October 12, 1858, it seated 950 people. It currently seats 654.

  • City Hall
    City Hall is also located at the corner of 3rd and Chestnut Streets in downtown Wilmington. Built from 1855-1858, City Hall shares the same building as Thalian Hall.

  • Kenan Memorial Fountain
    The Kenan Memorial Fountain, located at the center of Fifth Avenue and Market Street, was given to the City of Wilmington by William Rand Kenan, Jr. in 1921 as a memorial to his parents. The fountain had a pool at street level until 1953 when the State Highway Commission suggested the fountain be moved. Rather than moving the fountain from its unique location, the City Council voted to reduce the size of the fountain, install spotlights and widen the street to two lanes.

  • Arts Center
    The Community Arts Center was constructed in 1941 by the Army Corps of Engineers as a USO club. At the height of World War II, the Arts Center hosted dances, plays, music recitals, art exhibits and radio broadcasts. When the USO ended it full-time operations in 1946, the city purchased the building for daily programs for children and young adults.

    Today, the center, now known as the Hannah Block Historic USO Building, houses a WWII era museum and is a major cultural resource for the City of Wilmington and surrounding counties. Arts programs are offered to the community in stage, dance, painting, vocal music, pottery and more.

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