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Stormwater Solutions

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Below, you will find a whole range of stormwater solutions, from something as simple as rerouting your downspout to a complex tree box filtration system. You can browse through the categories to get inspiration for what might be best suited for your business or home.

Please note that these are general suggestions and guidelines. It is always best to get input from a professional stormwater engineer or landscape designer with a stormwater background before you start a project. For detailed design guidelines, please visit the NC State Stormwater Engineering Group page: https://stormwater.bae.ncsu.edu/.

If you intend to use any of these suggestions for stormwater credits or permit requirements, please refer to the stormwater design manual published by NC DEQ and contact them to ensure you meet their requirements: NC DEQ Stormwater.

Reroute Your Downspout
Rain Barrel/Cistern
Rain Garden
Backyard Wetland
Tree Planting
Creative Alternatives
Impervious Area Removal
Bioretention Area
Grass Swale
Level Spreader
Good for Built Spaces
Filterra Box
Permeable Pavement
Underground Storage
Green Roof