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Utility Cuts

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City Code and Street Cut Policy direct the excavation and restoration of all pavement cuts.

Where excavations impact the pavement, the applicant shall provide the dimensions on the permit. All pavement restoration cuts shall tend to be linear and perpendicular while avoiding the wheel path. Where an applicant requires multiple cuts in a block or section of street, the City reserves the right to require full lane or full width restoration. See City Code Section 11-96; Standard Detail 1-05.

To apply for a permit to make a street cut, please contact City Engineering ROW office at 910.341.5899.


  • $10 - permit fee for ROW/utility work that does not excavate within pavement
  • $335 - per utility cut in pavement on all City streets
  • $105 - per square yard for brick street restoration
  • $225 - standard fee added to permit where repairs are conducted by City Streets Division. See Note B.


  • The repair of utility cuts made by private contractors on City streets is the responsibility of the contractor.
  • The Streets Division may claim responsibility for the repair of street cuts on City roadways made by utility companies (CFPUA, gas, power,cable and City Stormwater).
  • Brick Streets. The Streets Division will handle the restoration of brick streets. It is the contractor's responsibility to provide this info on the permit application. The contractor shall coordinate the safe removal of bricks, palletize and wrap, and deliver to the City Operations Center off River Road. Charges for restoration will be based on the final area of excavation. Where brick pavers are encountered, contractor shall arrange for the delivery of brick pavers and schedule for restoration, by contacting Streets Division at 910.341.5888.
  • Contractors shall determine jurisdiction of street right-of-way (City of Wilmington, New Hanover County (DOT), private road, etc.) before making application to the City.