Urban Design


Wilmington has a unique and charming character. This character is largely expressed through great urban design developed from the city’s coastal and riverside locations, riverfront access, historical importance, and natural vegetation. Urban design is a powerful tool available to help us create an environmentally, socially, and economically viable city. It shapes the physical setting for our lives by holistically considering local environmental systems, culture, geography, history, architecture, city planning, transportation and engineering, real estate economics, and landscape design. The result is a comprehensive approach to project delivery that ensures quality in the buildings, streets, and places we live.

The city has already experienced success in the implementation of its original Urban Design Policy. The Riverwalk promenade, the Brick Streets Policy, and the Historic District expansion are all Urban Design enhancements from the original policy that contribute to Wilmington's appeal as a national destination.

The city is currently updating its Urban Design policy to reflect contemporary best practices in how we build.

Urban Design Policy(PDF, 2MB)