Departments & Divisions

Budget & Research

The Budget and Research Department ensures sensible control over city expenditures, participates in the city's overall financial management
and provides city officials with prompt and accurate budgetary services.

City Attorney

The City Attorney provides legal advice and assistance to City Council, City Manager and staff and represents the city in all legal proceedings.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council and is charged with maintaining complete and accurate records of City Council proceedings and official City files.

Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for the city's internal and external communications and engagement.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity & Inclusion is dedicated to promoting the principles of fairness, equal opportunity, and inclusiveness in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Downtown Services

Downtown Services oversees the city’s Parking Management enterprise fund, the municipal service district (MSD) for downtown, serves as staff liaison to Wilmington Downtown, Inc., and oversees the management contract and overall operations of the Wilmington Convention Center.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for implementing programs and services that create and retain jobs and oversees the city's general real estate transactions.


The Engineering Department provides civil engineering and related technical services, overseeing capital projects for roadways, drainage improvement and private construction.


The Finance Department is responsible for all financial transactions to include accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, payroll, cash receipts, procurement, grant reporting, financial statements, statutory reports, and financial management.

Fire Department

Wilmington is an Internationally Accredited Fire Department proving that the department meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices.

Housing and Neighborhood Services

The Department of Housing and Neighborhood Services was established in FY24 to oversee activities and functions focused on creating diverse, equitable, and vibrant neighborhoods through community development and housing services, code enforcement, and community engagement, education, and safety.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides comprehensive services that support the city's diverse workforce who serves the community through professional, administrative, public safety, technical, clerical, skilled labor and trades work.

Information Technology

The IT Department provides support for computers, central servers, major software applications, network and infrastructure security for the city government.

Internal Audit

The City Auditor's Office conducts financial, performance and compliance audits within the organization, including reviewing and assessing the integrity of internal controls in all divisions and proposing corrective actions.

Parks & Recreation

  • Telephone910-341-7855
  • The Parks & Recreation Department oversees the city's parks system, recreation facilities, and programming, as well as any activities related to special events and tourism.

    Planning & Development

    The Planning & Development Department prepares plans that guide the growth of the city, including area-specific plans that give guidance for business as well as residential land use.

    Police Department

    This Wilmington Police Department is Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement.

    Public Works

    The Public Work Department is responsible for engineering, streets, solid waste services, stormwater services and buildings and facilities.