Zoning Compliance

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The Zoning team manages general customer requests and complaints, including verification of zoning districts, floodplain determination, certificates of compliance, and enforcement of Land Development Code regulations.


Step 1.Zoning Verification

You can check the zoning of your property using our online zoning map. In addition to our on-line zoning maps, the Zoning team is also available to assist with inquiries on the zoning of property.

Zoning verification letters regarding existing zoning and permitted uses can be issued for a fee of $25.

Step 2.Certificate of Zoning Compliance

A certificate of zoning compliance is an official determination of the zoning of a lot, including whether the existing or proposed land use(s) are compliant. Types of determinations include:

  • Principal uses and structures
  • Accessory uses, buildings, and structures
  • Signs

The fee for a Certificate of Zoning Compliance is $25.

Step 3.Flood Certification

Flood zones that are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) affect parts of the city. Requests regarding the flood insurance rate map (FIRM) are handled by zoning staff.

There is no fee for a floodplain certification.

Step 4.Zoning Determination

Official determinations, including interpretations of the Land Development Code, may be issued by the Zoning Administrator upon request.

The fee for a Zoning Determination is $25.



The Zoning team is responsible for enforcing all provisions of the Land Development Code.

Step 1.Complaints

Zoning compliance staff investigate all complaints of potential violations of the Land Development Code. Complaints may be filed in person, via telephone, via email to the Zoning team, or through our online complaint form.

Our officers also initiate investigations of potential violations based on their observations in the field.

Step 2.Certificates of Occupancy

While building permits are issued by New Hanover County, a Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued until one of our compliance officers inspects the work and determines the final product complies with the approved permit and Land Development Code regulations.


Step 1.Fee Amount

  • Zoning Verification Letter: $25
  • Certificate of Zoning Compliance: $25
  • Zoning Determination: $25
  • Zoning Re-Inspection: $25

Step 2.Payment Options

If you plan to pay in advance, planning staff must first notify the collections department to enable acceptance of payments.

Payment by Phone (910. 343.4745)

  • 8 am to 5 pm (Monday through Friday except for holidays)
  • Limited to VISA and MasterCard payments.

Payment in Person

  • 8 am to 5 pm (Monday through Friday except for holidays)
  • Billing & Collections Office
    Skyline Center
    929 North Front Street, 1st Floor

Payment by Mail

  • Please include invoice number or account number
  • Regular Mail
    City of Wilmington Collections
    PO Box 1810
    Wilmington, NC 28402
  • Express Mail
    City of Wilmington Collections

    929 North Front Street, 1st Floor
    Wilmington, NC 28401