1898 Memorial Park


The 1898 Memorial Park commemorates the coup d’état that took place on November 10, 1898 in which prominent white citizens of Wilmington overthrew the legally elected biracial government of the city. It is the only coup d'etat in U.S. history, and killed an unknown number of black residents. The park was dedicated November 8, 2008. 

About The Monument 

The monument consists of an arc of six elongated, 16-foot tall freestanding bronze paddles, fronted by a two-section low, curved wall also made of bronze. A text narrative of the historical event is inscribed on the top of the wall.

The artwork was designed by Ayokunle Odeleye of Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Marianne Weinburg Benson and John Benson & Associates of Atlanta, Georgia. Sculptor Odeleye Sculpture Studios of Stone Mountain, Georgia fabricated the piece.


1018 N. 3rd Street, Wilmington 28401  View Map

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