Doing Business with the City

The City of Wilmington is pleased to announce the new Vendor Self-Service Program!

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New Vendors

New vendors who do not exist in the City’s database may complete the registration process, and be granted limited access to VSS.  A city team member will review the submission for completeness to activate the record for use.

Please visit the Vendor Self Service portal, and click the VSS link on the left-hand side of your screen. You will need your Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). The EIN or SSN should be entered with dashes. A current signed W-9 form(PDF, 138KB) format is required to be attached. It is recommended to use the Chrome browser, if possible. 

We have provided a User Guide(PDF, 4MB), which will assist you in navigating the self-service system. Please follow the steps in the User Guide to complete the registration process.

Existing Vendors
  • The Vendor Self-Service (VSS) program allows you to manage your own account information, browse purchase orders, invoices, and 1099 data.
  • It also allows you to submit bids on good and services, and to select commodities for the types of items that your company offers. 
  • If you registered with the City of Wilmington in the past, and you forgot your password. Please select Login/Register and select "Forgot Password?"
  • The IRS updated the W-9 form in March 2024. Please complete the updated form.(PDF, 138KB)
Automated Payments

When signing up you may also choose to register to receive payments electronically. Automated Clearing House Payment (ACH) is a secure format to enter your organization's banking information. The payment is generally available at your banking institution within 2 days of the City of Wilmington’s release of payment. There are many benefits to receiving payments electronically rather than by way of a paper check. These benefits include:

  • Eliminates check transit time
  • No longer need to make a trip to the bank or pick up a check
  • Improves security by being sent bank to a bank, rather than by mail

In the vendor portal there is a link to the ACH authorization form(PDF, 305KB) which must be completed and uploaded to your profile. You are required to attach a voided check, or official bank letter, validating the account name, account number and routing information. Please send an email for assistance.

MWBE Information

  • The City of Wilmington does not "certify" MWBE firms. We recognize firms certified by the NC Department of Administration's HUB office through the Statewide Uniform Certification Program. Only firms certified through SWUC will count towards the city's participation goal of 14% minority participation goal for contracts over $50,000.

  • Statute N.C.G.S. § 143-128.2 requires public agencies to comply with specific and stringent requirements for promoting the use of minority business enterprises.

  • General contractors must make a good faith effort to include minority business participation in construction project in N.C.G.S. § 143-128.2(f).

  • For additional information on the city's MWBE Program, please contact Christine R. Karem at 910.765.0463  

City Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions that govern purchase orders are listed in the attached document. A purchase order is a counteroffer and not an acceptance. Sellers and Contractors are advised to verify all information and to notify the purchasing division of discrepancies. Applicable taxes must be stated separately on the invoice. The purchase order number and complete ship to address must appear on all shipping labels and invoices. Cash on delivery shipments are not acceptable.

Complete Terms & Conditions(PDF, 308KB)

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