Small Area Plans

Small area plans provide a collaborative process for citizens to work together to improve their neighborhood and ensure a better future. A small area plan contains a set of specific strategies that aim to preserve or improve a specific area of the city. The plan may address issues such as land use, zoning, transportation, economic development, housing, aesthetics and service delivery. The scope of the plan depends directly on issues that are identified by the community.

Citizen participation is critical to the development of the plan since citizens know best what the strengths and weaknesses of their neighborhoods are. Community involvement assures that the plan is responsive to resident needs and provides appropriate solutions to the identified problems. A small area plan enables local residents to take responsibility for the future of their community and includes actions that will be taken to protect and improve their neighborhood. Small area plans act as policy guides for decision making.

While the Comprehensive Plan addresses citywide development, Neighborhood Plans focus on a specific area of the city and provide more detailed goals, policies, and guidelines. These plans are developed through highly collaborative engagement between residents, businesses, non-government organizations, and city staff.