Economic Development

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for implementing programs and services that:

  1. Create and retain jobs
  2. Increase income within the city by attracting higher-wage job opportunities

Civic Development Partner Agency Funding

The City of Wilmington accepts applications from civic agencies who would like to request funding from the city. In January 2014, the Wilmington City Council adopted guidelines(PDF, 275KB) to clarify the process to apply for funds, as well as the process the city would use to determine which agencies receive funds. The guidelines only apply to agencies involved in economic development, cultural and recreational activities and city boards/commissions. It does not include non-profit agencies who receive federal and local funding through a competitive application process.

Business Development, Recruitment and Support

Wilmington is an ideal community in which to live and work, offering unparalleled quality of life and an exceptional business climate.