Fifth Avenue Street, Sidewalk, And Water Utility Improvement Project

  • Project typeImprovement
  • Project value$2.47 million
  • Project scheduleCFPUA utility work is underway, city work will begin in the Summer of 2024 and run through the end of 2025
  • Contractor nameFred Smith Company



About the Project

Fifth Avenue will undergo major upgrades from mid-2023 into 2025 including: street resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, stormwater drain improvements, and a full replacement of water and sewer utilities. Once completed, Fifth Avenue will be restriped to include one lane for vehicular traffic, ample on-street parking, and a dedicated bike lane in both directions. 

Street and Sidewalk Upgrades

  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Sidewalk and curbing repairs
  • Installation of ADA compliant sidewalk ramps
  • Storm drain improvements
  • Restriping for improved traffic flow, biking, and parking

Water and Sewer Utility Upgrades

  • New water mains and services
  • New sewer mains and services *service replacements will not likely impact front yards

Tree Removal and Replacement

The median of Fifth Avenue contains a number of the Darlington Oak species of tree, most of which have reached the end of their lifespan. Following the completion of the Fifth Avenue revitalization project, appropriate tree species and other vegetation will be planted in the median. All Live Oak trees will be preserved. Appropriate canopy trees, including existing Live Oaks, will continue to flank both sides of the street.

  • Remove diseased and decaying Darlington Oak trees from the median
  • Preserve and protect Live Oak trees, and increase the number of canopy trees along the sides of the street
  • Develop a revegetation plan to transform Fifth Ave. into a scenic linear parkway, connecting historic downtown to Greenfield Lake


Along Fifth Avenue from Market St to Greenfield St,    View Map

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