Applications and Fees


Easy access to applications and forms used for zoning, land use, and development review.

Note: The City will be transitioning to on-line submission of applications starting in late summer 2024. As individual review processes are converted to the new system, the pdf forms located in this document library will be removed and replaced with a link to the new permitting portal.





Zoning Verification & Compliance

Request for Zoning Verification Letter
Certificate of Zoning Compliance (Accessory Buildings, Uses, Structures, and Signs)(PDF, 280KB)
Certificate of Zoning Compliance (Principal Use)(PDF, 171KB)
Flood Zone Determination

Address Requests

Address Request Form

Land Use Applications

Bed & Breakfast (Annual Renewal Required)(PDF, 314KB)
Change of Use Permit(PDF, 171KB)
Community Garden(PDF, 233KB)
Home Occupation(PDF, 312KB)
Mobile Food Truck(PDF, 308KB)
Sexually-Oriented Business(PDF, 307KB)
Shipping Container Permit(PDF, 231KB)
Sidewalk Café Permit (Annual Renewal Required)(PDF, 413KB)
Sidewalk Furniture Permit (Annual Renewal Required)(PDF, 470KB)
Special Use Permit-Applicant Information(PDF, 109KB)
Special Use Permit-Application(PDF, 297KB)
Temporary Healthcare Structure(PDF, 496KB)
Temporary Use Permit(PDF, 496KB)
Vehicle Towing (Annual Renewal Required)(PDF, 249KB)

Sign Permits

Sandwich Board Sign(PDF, 357KB)
Sign Permit(PDF, 306KB)
Temporary Sign Permit(PDF, 267KB)

Tree Removal (Private Property)

Tree Removal Permit(PDF, 286KB)

Board of Adjustment-Appeals

Application Acceptance Policy-Appeals to the Board of Adjustment(PDF, 114KB)
Appeal of Administrative Decision & Petition for Land Development Code Interpretation(PDF, 9KB)
Appeal of Historic Preservation Commission Decision(PDF, 99KB)

Board of Adjustment-Variances

Variance Application(PDF, 133KB)
Fence Variance(PDF, 134KB)
Floodplain Variance(PDF, 91KB)
Agent Authorization(PDF, 12KB)

Street & Facilities Renaming

Street and Facilities Renaming Policy(PDF, 517KB)
Street and Facilities Renaming Application(PDF, 189KB)
Street and Facilities Renaming Petition(PDF, 149KB)