The goal of the City's Sustainability Program is to efficiently manage energy, water, and waste while cultivating a culture of environmental stewardship throughout city operations to reduce our environmental footprint. We strive to implement fiscally and environmentally sound projects to preserve the quality of life of our community and resources.

On this page are links to sustainability program areas across the City's departments and operations that relate to environmental conservation, community engagement, and natural resource protection. 

Energy and Waste Reduction Efforts

A compilation of efforts the City has performed to minimize the risk of negative environmental impacts may be found in the Energy and Waste Update Reports:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The City of Wilmington has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from municipal operations by 58% by 2050 from a 2007 baseline of 9,704 metric tons of CO2e. A history of GHG inventories may be found at: