Code Enforcement

Housing and Neighborhood Service Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for the city ordinances that provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods. Code Enforcement Officers promote a healthy and safe environment for citizens and visitors by handling a variety of requests including:

  • Houses or buildings that do not meet the Minimum Housing Code or Non-residential Structures Code.
  • Public Nuisance for high weeds (over 8") , trash, debris, graffiti, or abandoned structures that are in need of boarding.
  • Trash cans left on the street longer than 24 hours.
  • Junk, Abandoned or Health / Safety Hazard Vehicles that are parked on private property or abandoned vehicles parked longer than 7 days on a city street.

Does an area in your neighborhood need a service request?

Minimum Housing Structures


Grass/Weeds (Overgrown more than 8")


Roosters or Unpermitted Animals


Abandoned/Junk Vehicles


Requests can remain anonymous by omitting your personal information when submitting your request. Please keep in mind certain case types require you to include personal information, as this is needed to move forward with your case. You will see the most common request types as an option. After selecting your service request type and completing the information, hit submit to complete process. 

Service Request

 Animal Permits 

Other Services we provide are permitting for Poultry, Livestock, Kennels and Wild Animals. Are you interested in keeping chickens or some other animal in the city limits of Wilmington? You may need to apply for a permit. To read more about animal ordinance requirements in the City of Wilmington click on the link below or simply apply.

City of Wilmington Poultry Livestock and Wild Animal Ordinances

Animal Permit request