Locally Grown

Farmer’s Markets

The Riverfront Farmer’s Market is located in the heart of downtown Wilmington and offers a variety of local goods. Purchasing local foods is a great way to support local farmers, healthy nutritional choices and the local economy. Other local markets are featured on Feast Down East’s website.

The City of Wilmington recently approved a process for groups to set up and maintain community gardens on city-owned property. To dig into the details, visit Community Gardens page.


Do you want fresh, local eggs in your backyard? Interested in urban farming? Please review the city’s municipal codes guiding urban chicken management here: Section 6.2 Municipal Codes provides guidance on urban chicken management.


The City of Wilmington became the nation’s 10th certified Bee City in 2015. The City supports pollinators and pollinator gardens.


The Tree Commission promotes policies to support, maintain and grow the urban forest in the City of Wilmington.

Love the city’s trees? The Heritage tree program works to identify and preserve the city’s heritage trees. Heritage trees are those, which because of their age, rarity, grouping, overall beauty or historical significance represent an important aspect of the City’s history or natural landscape.

Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly traps are native only to a 60-mile radius around Wilmington, NC. The carnivorous plant thrives in the unique environmental conditions of the area. The City’s Piney Ridge Nature Preserve is home to the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Garden and features a collection of carnivorous plants including Venus Fly Traps, a variety of Pitcher Plants, and Sundews. In 2014, local elected officials introduced successful legislation to deem Venus Fly Trap poaching a felony. Please observe these unique plants, but do not touch them!