Recycling and Trash Services


The Recycling & Trash Services Division provides weekly curbside trash pick up for residential and commercial city trash customers within the city limits. The division is funded by monthly fees charged by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority to City Recycling & Trash Services customers based on their chosen level of service.

Save Money

The City of Wilmington Recycling & Trash Services Division is dedicated to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility. It is with these directives in mind that we employ a "Pay as you Throw" services strategy. This tiered service and cost structure will allow all city residents to pay less money for sending less waste to the New Hanover County Landfill.

This can be accomplished by switching to a smaller 35-gallon trash cart and using the "no charge" large 95-gallon recycle cart (collected every other week). The cost for the 35-gallon residential trash cart service is $25.29 per month while the 95-gallon residential trash cart service is $31.12 per month. Switching to the smaller 35-gallon trash container can currently save you $5.83 per month. That's more than $60 a year, and you're helping to divert waste from the landfill to the recycling processor where it can be reused! Win/Win!

Please call us at 910.341.7875 to make the no charge switch. We will have your smaller trash/larger recycle cart(s) delivered to you, your large trash cart picked up, and start saving you money!