Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In January 2022, the Office of Equity & Inclusion was created with a purpose of fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace combined with cultivating a culture and community where employees and residents are appreciated, esteemed, and acknowledged for their unique identities.

The Office of Equity & Inclusion is dedicated to promoting the principles of fairness, equal opportunity, and inclusiveness in employment, housing, and public accommodations. To achieve this goal, the department endeavors to create, facilitate, promote, study, and recommend programs, projects, feedback, and actions aimed at eradicating discrimination in municipal services, programs, and all other aspects of human interaction.

Rise Together Initiative

City Council unanimously voted Tuesday, Aug. 18 to adopt the Rise Together Initiative(PDF, 135KB) to ensure that Wilmington is a community where every citizen is valued and shares in the same opportunities for prosperity and quality of life regardless of color, class, or creed.

Generations in our community have worked to address the wounds of our past. The City of Wilmington has made strides, of which we can be proud, including major annual investments in community partnerships to address systemic needs in our midst. Yet much work remains to be done.

The Rise Together initiative will allow us to (1) better understand these ongoing challenges, (2) reflect on the progress we have made, (3) identify the unfinished work, and (4) develop a constructive response that involves our entire community, from local government to the non-profit sector and our business community.

This offers an opportunity for us to unite as a community. Despite our differences, we are still neighbors and share in common this special place we call home.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The employment practices of the City of Wilmington, NC adhere to federal, state, and local regulations, which ensure that employment opportunities are available to all individuals without discrimination or harassment based on their age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, familial status, gender expression or gender identity, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, protected hairstyles, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status, except where a genuine occupational requirement exists.

View the online jobs listing and employment application.

Requests for Reasonable Accommodation

The city is bound by specific provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you have any questions regarding the ADA, its application to the city, or require a reasonable accommodation, please get in touch with the Human Resources Department.

HRC Municipal Equality Index Scorecard

City of Wilmington, NC scored 66 out of 100 points on the Human Rights Campaign's 2022 Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. This score is based on five categories:

  1. Nondiscrimination laws
  2. The municipality as an employer
  3. Municipal services
  4. Law enforcement
  5. Leadership on LGBTQ+ equality

The detailed scorecard may be viewed on HRC's website.