Clean Energy Advisory Committee

The Clean Energy Committee provides essential advice to City staff through committee actions on best practices and strategies to achieve the 2035 and 2050 Clean Energy goals, including:

•   Clean Energy strategies and principles

•   Prioritization and the implementation of recommended Clean Energy action items

•   Opportunities to achieve Clean Energy goals

•   State and federal Clean Energy legislation and regulatory developments

The Committee will serve as a forum for public input on issues related to Clean Energy and will develop a written annual progress report and a work plan to present to City Council.


The Committee has nine (9) voting members appointed by the Mayor to serve 3-year staggered terms, with a two (2) term limit.  Five (5) members will represent technical / subject matter experts and four (4) members will be at-large.

Members can expect to spend approximately 1.5 hours per month for the regularly scheduled meeting, with additional time for personal preparation. For members serving in the positions of Chair or Vice-Chair, an additional hour per month is expected for agenda review purposes.

Current Members

Richard Smith   
Term Expiration: 01/10/2024

PJ Klein
Term Expiration: 01/10/2025

Andrea Bennett (At Large Member)
Term Expiration: 01/10/2024

Sean Sullivan
Term Expiration: 01/10/2024

Jessica Cannon (At Large Member)
Term Expiration: 01/10/2023

Valjeanne Estes (At Large Member)
Term Expiration: 01/10/2024

Lindsey Hallock
Term Expiration: 01/10/2025

Kathryn Pohlman
Term Expiration: 01/10/2025

Phyllis Goodson (At Large Member)
Term Expiration: 01/10/2024