Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board serves as the advisory body for the City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Department. The Board shall suggest policies to the department, the manager, and the City Council, within its powers and responsibilities as stated in the bylaws. The Board shall serve as a liaison between the department, the manager, the City Council, and the citizens of the city. The Board shall consult with and advise the department, the manager, and the City Council in matters affecting recreation policies, programs, personnel, finances and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties related to the total city recreation programs, and to its long range, projected programs for recreation.


The eleven (11) member board is appointed by City Council to serve three-year terms. Members can expect to spend approximately 1.5 hours per month on regularly scheduled meetings to participate on this Board. There may also be additional time commitments for occasional subcommittee work, which would be of a limited duration.

Current Members

Terry Smith
Term Expiration: 12/19/2022

Ron Woodruff
Vice Chair
Term Expiration: 11/07/2024

Rhonda Waterhouse
Term Expiration: 12/07/2026

Alexa Fritz
Term Expiration: 04/19/2025

Franklin Boney
Term Expiration: 12/07/2026

Ingrid Corbi
Term Expiration: 12/07/2026

David Eason
Term Expiration: 12/06/2024

William Bordeaux
Term Expiration: 08/12/2024

Lemetrius Nolan
Term Expiration: 12/06/2024

Zach Gilbert
Term Expiration: 07/13/2027

Paul Connor
Term Expiration: 12/19/2026