Planning Commission

The next regular meeting of the City of Wilmington Planning Commission is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 6:00 P.M. in City Council Chambers, City Hall, 102 North 3rd Street, 2nd floor, Wilmington.

The meeting will be streaming live on GTV8.

Upcoming Hearings

Public hearings scheduled for July 10, 2024:
LDC Amendment (LDC-6-424)  

Amend City Code Chapter 18 to reduce outdoor amplified sound separation requirements in the UMX zoning district.

Application(PDF, 293KB)   |  Map(PDF, 345KB)  

The applicant has requested a continuance to September 5, 2024.


South 23rd Street (SC-1-424)

Closure of a portion of S. 23rd Street, a 50-foot wide, unimproved, right-of-way located south of Gibson Street to a 10-foot unnamed alley with a total length of approximately 113 feet in length consisting of 0.128 an acre +/- of land.

Application(PDF, 1MB)   |  Map(PDF, 663KB)  |  Case Summary(PDF, 1MB)

1320 Independence Blvd. (CD-21-624)

Rezoning from R-15, Moderate-density single-dwelling district to O&I(CD), Office & Institutional (Conditional District) for a commercial district mixed use (CDMU) development.

Application(PDF, 30MB)   |   Site Plan(PDF, 3MB)   |   Map(PDF, 598KB) |  Case Summary(PDF, 2MB)  


120 Switchyard Road (CD-1-724)

Rezoning from MF-MH(L)(CD) to MD-10(CD) for a residential development with 60 townhomes.

Application(PDF, 8MB)  |   Site Plan(PDF, 2MB)  |  Case Summary(PDF, 2MB)

508, 510, 512 & 516 McRae Street (CD-2-724)

Rezoning from CB, Community Business to R-3 (CD), Medium-high- density mixed residential (Conditional District) for 6 attached townhomes.

Application(PDF, 9MB)  |   Site Plan(PDF, 1MB)   |   Case Summary(PDF, 1MB)

Pending Applications

7725, 7729, 7753, 7759 Alexander Road (CD-18-524)

Rezoning from New Hanover County O&I(CZD), Conditional Office & Institutional to MD-17(CD), High-density multiple-dwelling residential (Conditional District) for a 253-unit multiple-dwelling development.

Application(PDF, 4MB)  |   Site Plan(PDF, 9MB)

418 & 420 McRae Street (Z-2-824)

General rezoning of the properties containing 0.134 of an acre +/- from CB, Community Business and R-5, Medium-density mixed residential district to R-3, Medium-high-density mixed residential district.

Application(PDF, 5MB) 

507, 509, 515, 519, 525 and 529 S. Kerr Avenue (CD-3-824)

Conditional district rezoning of the properties containing 6.56 acres +/- from R-10, Medium-density single-dwelling district, to MD-17(CD), High-density multiple-dwelling residential (Conditional District) for multi-family development.

Application(PDF, 30MB)   |   Site Plan(PDF, 1MB)  

1107 & 1109 S. Front Street; 1106 & 1112 S. 2nd Street; 101, 104, 108, 112, 114, 115 & 116 Marstellar Street (Z-3-824)

General rezoning of the properties containing 2.37 acres +/- from LI and R-3, Light Industrial and Medium-high-density mixed residential district, to UMX, Urban mixed-use district.

Application(PDF, 5MB)  

S. Front Street Street Closure (SC-1-824)

Closure of a portion of an unnamed alley from S. Front Street approximately 90.4 feet in length extending eastward to S. 2nd Street approximately 248 feet in length.

Application(PDF, 5MB)  

LDC Amendment (LDC-1-724)

Amend City Code Chapter 18 to increase the number of boat slips per residential unit and community boating facility in the R-20(L) zoning district.

Application(PDF, 2MB)   

The Planning Commission advises City Council on applications for rezoning, land development code amendments, street closures, and long-range plans and policies. The commission holds legislative hearings meaning that anyone wishing to speak on a request may do so.  The commission issues a recommendation based on consistency of the request with the intent and purpose of the Land Development Code and consistency of a request with the Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan and other relevant adopted plans and policies. The commission does not consider special use permit applications.

If the Planning Commission recommends denial of an application, the request will be denied unless the applicant appeals the decision to the City Council. Appeals should be in the form of a letter submitted to the City Clerk within 10 days of the planning commission's decision.


Appointments are made by the City Council for three (3)-year terms. City residency is required. Members of this Commission can expect to spend approximately ten (10) hours per month for the regularly scheduled meeting and any associated preparation and research. For members serving in the positions of Chair or Vice-Chair, an additional hour is expected for agenda review purposes.

Current Members

Jeannie (JC) Lyle
Term Expiration: 08/01/2024

Richard Collier
Term Expiration: 09/21/2026

Danny Adams
Term Expiration: 09/21/2025

John Lennon
Term Expiration: 09/21/2026

Jack Pollock
Term Expiration: 12/01/2024

Thomas (Ace) Cofer
Term Expiration: 09/21/2026

Ron Woodruff
Term Expiration: 09/21/2026

*Commission members can be reached by email at