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Not sure who to call for a neighborhood concern? Below are some common topics that may assist with knowing who to direct your concerns. 

Animal Control (including animal safety concern)

Animal Control Enforcement is done by New Hanover County Animal Control and Sheriff’s Office 910.798.7500. For bark issues, keep a “bark log” to provide documented times and instances at which the dog was barking.

Servicing Agency:
New Hanover County Animal Control




Building Construction and Permitting

For information about building construction and permitting for the City of Wilmington contact:

New Hanover County Building Safety
230 Government Center Drive Suite #170
Wilmington, NC 28403

Servicing Agency:
New Hanover County Building Safety
COAST Permitting Portal

Code Violation Concerns
Code Enforcement is responsible for the city ordinances that provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods.  
  • Houses or buildings that do not meet the Minimum Housing Code or Non-residential Structures Code-Abandoned or vacant
  • Public Nuisance for high weeds (over 8 inches), trash, debris, graffiti, or abandoned structures that are in need of boarding
  • Trash cans left on the street longer than 24 hours
  • Junk, Abandoned or Health / Safety Hazard Vehicles that are parked on private property or abandoned vehicles parked longer than 7 days on a city street.

Servicing Agency:
Code Enforcement
Use this service request to report any of the above concerns:

 Service Request Form

Noise Compliance

Noise complaints are handled by multiple agencies.  

Servicing Agencies

Parks and Recreation Landscaping and Trees

Who maintains the city parks, parking lots, alleys, city owned rights-of way, NCDOT-owned rights-of-way and tree management within the city?

The city's Parks and Recreation Department maintains: 

  • City Parks
  • Public Lots
  • City-owned Alleys
  • City-owned Right-of-Ways
  • NCDOT-owned Right-of-Ways

Servicing Agency
Parks, Landscape & Forestry Trees

Property and Zoning Compliance

For issues related to business operating in a residential district or improper signs located in the right-of-way or to report zoning violations or a property that does not meet developmental standards contact:

Servicing Agency

 Zoning Compliance Division


Call 910.254.0900

Sidewalk and Curb Maintenance

For issues related to repairs to the city streets and sidewalks or reporting a pot hole

Servicing Agency
City Streets and Sidewalks






Special event street-related permit information

Special events street-related permits are maintained by the Public Works Department

Servicing Agency
Public Works Department

Special Events

Traffic Signals and Street Signs

To report the need for maintenance on existing traffic or street signs, or to request new traffic or street signs contact: