Construction Starts on Wetland Grant Project

Published on May 13, 2024

View of a wet pond with an excavator driving around it.

Another project from the 319 Grant partnership between North Carolina State University and the City of Wilmington's Heal Our Waterways Program is underway. This project will convert an existing wet pond at the University Landing complex into a constructed wetland. 

Wetlands are an example of a nature-based stormwater solution. They act like "sponges" when it rains, soaking in and filter runoff before it can wash pollutants into local waterways. This particular wetland is being built to support the Bradley and Hewletts Creeks Watershed Restoration Plan(PDF, 7MB) by providing greater capacity and treatment than the current wet pond provides. The location is just upstream of Clear Run Branch and eventually drains to Bradley Creek. 

Funding for the project comes from a USEPA 319 Grant that was awarded to North Carolina State University and is supported by the Heal Our Waterways Program. 

The conversion work just started, but we're excited to see it come together in the coming weeks! 

Learn more about this initiative at our Green & Grant Projects page. 

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