Striving to heal Bradley & Hewletts Creeks and soak in polluted runoff through community engagement and simple solutions. 

Slow it down. Spread it out. Soak it in.

When it rains, everything drains, including pollutants like bacteria. Explore our page to learn more about us, why tackling stormwater pollution is a priority, and ways you can help slow down, spread out, and soak in stormwater.

What We Do: Educate. Empower. Engage. 

The Heal Our Waterways (HOW) Program has resources available to help property owners within the Bradley Creek and Hewletts Creek watersheds fight stormwater pollution. Our partnership with New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District, for example, provides funding and labor to provide Best Management Practices (BMPs), also known as "Stormwater Solutions", to homeowners and businesses. The HOW Program also contributes to opportunities through community and grant partnerships, such as the recent stormwater grant work done at University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Check out examples of our stormwater VIPs on our "Who's Helping" tab.  

A video describing our HOWBMP Program and the benefits of rain gardens:  

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Do you live near Bradley Creek or Hewletts Creek and want to join the mission? If you'd like to learn more, become a neighborhood ambassador or have a stormwater solution installed on your property, click Take Action! to get started.

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